Australian Boat Mag Review

Check out this great review of the 5.30 Warrior Cuddy Cabin from the crew at the Australian Boat Mag.

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Australian Boat Review

"There are many ways of defining the ideal family boat, and obviously, the criteria varies from one family to another, and one budget to another. Nevertheless, there are some very good common denominators that serve as a guide to families looking
to invest in a fun boat package that will serve them well for many years, and then always return a high resale value when the time comes to move up or down in size.

This last bit is the trick – many boats today are purchased brand new and promptly lose more money than most cars now lose when they are driven out of the showroom – some boats are even worse. This is one of the reasons why buying a late model secondhand boat is so popular, as families try and combat the first year depreciation on many popular family boats.

Well, there is a terrific alternative – and on these pages the Polycraft 530 Cuddy is just about the bees
knees for family boating, and best of all, because it’s virtually indestructible (short of Robocop or a chainsaw!) unsinkable, amazingly stable, extremely good handling and as safe as the proverbial, Polycraft enjoy an amazingly high resale value – and you can check this out in a few seconds by looking at any of the digital classified sites for used boats."

Download full article [PDF]